OncoPrep™ Isolation Kits

The LungLife AI OncoPrep™ isolation products are developed to support the detection and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the background of normal and other nucleated cells. The OncoPrep products utilize cocktails of highly sensitive antibodies that enable the selection of CTCs with unmatched specificity (lowest published non-carryover in the industry).  The OncoPrep staining reagents are designed for the assessment of established protein targets that modulate in expression levels with throughout the course of disease progression and response. 

  • OncoPrep™ CTC Isolation and Recovery Kit

  • OncoPrep™ Capture Antibodies (Breast/CRC/Lung, Prostate, or PanCan)

  • OncoPrep™ CTC Imaging Detection or Detection PLUS Kits

  • OncoPrep™ LiquidBiopsy Platform Consumables