LungLife AI is transforming cancer diagnosis and management through AI-enabled molecular analysis of cancer biomarkers in blood.

Targeting Lung Cancer

LungLife AI is developing tests that span all stages of lung cancer—from an aid in diagnosis for patients with early stage disease to treatment stratification and monitoring in late-stage lung cancer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LungLife AI’s diagnostic technology combined with machine learning and image analysis results in workflow efficiencies and improvement in performance.

LiquidBiopsy® Platform

A pioneer in LiquidBiopsy® technology, LungLife AI’s automated rare cell isolation platform is a purpose-built system that allows cancer researchers to move beyond their descriptive understanding of circulating tumor cells.

With the ability to deliver high-purity, high-volume rare cell sample populations that can easily be taken off-platform, the LiquidBiopsy platform maximizes downstream process utility and makes real-time molecular data analysis a reality.

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